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Sunday, 17 April 2011

Brixton - Former Irish Soldier, Patrick Mercer, Racist Member of Parliamentary Counter-Terrorist Committee, Officially Declares War on Brixton's Black-English "West-Indians" by Calling Black Citizens "The Insurgency" ( military language for 'Terrorists' & 'Combatants').

Marcia Kia Simpson-James.

Patrick Mercer confirms that British government were at war with Brixton's Black-English West-Indians by calling us "the insurgency" and promoting internment.

See below  the some of Patrick Mercer's list of payments for TV appearances and directorships in Mercenary Security firms: 

Patrick Mercer has admitted that he wants to use his 'knowlege' of Black people to 'develop his TV career. In other words he wants to make blood-money out of Black West-Indian suffering pre and post Brixton Uprising. Speaking as a victim of that racist British regime, I was faced with the choice of defending myself and a heavily pregnant Black woman against at least 10 police dogs. 

I had to beat off dogs off the woman, and myself. On hearing our cries, hundreds of people were outraged and started lobbing bricks at the dogs. Bricks rained down on these vicious dogs. To this day, that pregnant woman, will not let me pass without acknowledging that day, and showing pictures of her now successful son.

This is why, Patrick Mercer is an insult to humanity, by implying that we are "terrorists".

Hence, When I was confronted by parliamentary terrorist police on my numerous visits to parliament, who would tell me, that I should "fuck off back to Brixton, go home to your five picanninies, let your Black man fuck you, and make him beat you".Since none of these assumptions related to me, I could not take these insults 

No wonder, these animals were telling me that I "contaminated parliament" with my presence. No wonder there was a desperate need to produce an effeminate, half-caste, Irish-Nigerian batty-man, with high oxbridge intelligence service-connections and a deep Black-hating attitude as the next MP for Brixton. In other words a sadistic sodomite! A member of the "SS".

Can you imagine the nightmare and difficulties that would arise if  I, a dark-skinned, Black-minded, Black woman victim of the "Brixton wars" had gone through and become the local Brixton MP? Jesus Christ! All hell would have broken loose with the establishment!

I have no doubt that this blood-soaked Daily Mail-loving former army commander, had much to do with my abuse and harassment in Westminster's parliament. 

For this war profiteering mercenary to openly confess that we were seen as "The insurgency" is an advance. This means that Black people were indeed fighting for our lives. The British government were actually at war with us. Only they had not openly declared it, since it would have put them in the position of either being brought to the UN's Security Council and to the then UN Secretary General for their treatment.

 Least we forget, this man, whilst holding these racist views, is simultaneously making money out of illegal 'mercenary' security consultancy work in Africa, where too many corrupted African leaders are recklessly and negligently stealing the people's monies and resources, so that they can be in with their old colonial masters. 

Meanwhile the no-nation half-caste, half-Irish, half-African, Black-hating Barack Obama has accepted an invitation to give a speech in parliament, whilst the British get away with murder. Barack will be socialising and "assimilating" with his fellow racists co-conspirators, whilst Black blood is being spilt on British streets.

As Col Patrick Mercer  before he became an MP.
Called Black army personnel  "Sooty" and "Chalky".
Both America and Britain, can pretend to the world that they respect the human rights of Black-English "west-indian" people, whilst having tea at No.10 Downing Street, and releasing weapons to young Black men on the streets of Britain so that they can get busy killing themselves in "Black on Black" shoot-outs, and drug-fuelled gang feuds.

They can even pat themselves on the back, when "Operation Trident" swings into action to 'solve' "the crime".

I am with the Americans when they ask the sensible question, "who is Barack Obama?" It is no coincidence that Americans are asking "where was he born and where's his birth certificate?" 

The same questions are being asked about the half-caste corruption known as Chuka Harrison Umunna. People are now asking, "where did he spring from?" 

Now people want to know, how it is possible that a effeminate, Black-hating racist, Half Irish, half-African, made it through in Brixton. People want to know how this half-caste, caribbean-hating Nigerian was cultivated as Keith Hills replacement as MP for Streatham?

Just as David Cameron has confessed that there is only one Black "afro-caribbean" in the whole Oxford 2010 intake, the fact that this half-Nigerian corruption was the 'only one', is an area of high speculation. Decent People do not like it! The other thing that they do not like is the fact that "Chuka" is also a racist Black-hating jew.  People want to know who chose this fool?

Are we being told that in all the time that decent Black-English caribbean have been here, that there is not one of  us who was capable of being the local MP?

Am I being told, that out of all of us out here, there is only one Black "Afro-caribbean" person capable of entry into Oxford? (Which should be have been politically boycotted by Black people years ago).

Patrick Mercer's criminally greedy  mistress, and part-time high class whore - blond Julie, demands £9,000 from Public parliamentary expenses purse to fund sleazy sordid  love-den with MP. Mercer pays her with cash using a brown parliamentary envelope like the ones used by the  disgracedcorrupted former Conservative trade minister Neil Hamilton

The answers to the questions are obvious, these people are literally at war with us. Their newspapers, who pay the police for 'salacious' stories on decent prominent Black people, leaning on them just enough that they leave their posts.

Their doctors are busy feeding the Black community killer drugs, in a bid to 'treat' their collectively false case of "schizophrenia" (a result of them living day after day in a war-torn area called Brixton).

But hey! Not to worry, half-caste Barack Obama and his lack of racial identity wife "Michelle" are coming to Britain, the 'rave' with the Black communities tormentors. Britain can even 'present' a fellow half-caste mixed racist (who represents "Black Brixton") to mixed-racist Barack, to confirm, that Britain is 'down with the programme'.

If the circumstances were not so serious, it would almost be risible. Are white people so afraid of Black "west-indians" that they can not bear to have us in the room? That would mean that we were 'invited' over to a country, who wanted to exploit and use our slave labour, and once done, expected us to jump back on the banana boat (at our own expense), leaving them free to fully exploit "our property" and resources in Africa.

Sorry, but no way! Patrick Mercer, and other 'urban military strategists' will, in the short run, guarantee, the fast downfall of British colonial empire in the eyes of the world. Do these whites not understand, that abusing us, means that they are signing their own death warrants. The world is watching.

No amount of filling parliament, political parties or the civil service with "brown people" will prevent it! "brown" is NOT the new "Black". No amount of using of hospitals as de facto internment camps to hold "trouble-making",  death-drug filled Black "insurgents" will stop time.

If these political prisoners are not released, and Black people given their full political and civil rights, the end is truly neigh for the white man globally. All I can say, is thanks Pat [Mercer] for being an honest broker, at least on that particular legal point.

At least we all know that those of us who survived what was euphemistically known as the Brixton riots, actually survived the "Brixton wars". I for one, appreciate and intend to exploit the distinction.